I Have Been Arrested and Am Now Awaiting Trial: Part 2

I Have Been Arrested and Am Now Awaiting Trial: Part 2

May 17, 2020 0 By aure

The satire continues, here’s part 2. Read part 1 on born millennials.com

As I entered my cell, I looked up. The television was on and the news anchor was telling a story about recent regular protests on the city’s main square.

“…we have just learned that a representative of the government will meet with the FES next week, finally responding to FES’s demands to be taken seriously after weeks of protests and violence that have seen hundreds of people arrested and sent twenty policepeople to the hospital…”

Well, it had to happen, I thought. The news anchor continued.

“The FES has exponentially grown its membership, audience, and credibility these last six months since John Ryan, a billionaire industrialist behind most of FES’s funding, has been forbidden by the government to board SpaceX’s spaceship headed for the International Space Station.

Ryan, though buying his seat with his own money, wanted to see for himself if the earth was as the government claims, round.

The refusal from the government to have Ryan board the ship was officially justified by the need to add more material for scientists currently living in the International Space Station.

Members of the FES have jumped on the occasion and accused the government to hide the truth. Their recent demands include formal recognition of the validity of their theory, its inclusion into the schoolbooks and the protection of the Believers by the CIPS…”.

The FES’s full name was Flat Earth Society. As for the CIPS (the Code of Inclusivity for a Peaceful Society), it had been written following the Fair Protest Period, a couple of years before I was born.

From what my dad told me before he went to jail, there was a time when people could tell each other about anything, and joke about any topic, which got some other people angry, and these angry people demanded a change that was in all evidence, fair.

With a bit of distance, it is now easy to see and conclude that the government at the time made the right decision with the CIPS. The CIPS, by preventing anyone from saying anything that could hurt or be interpreted as exclusionary, managed to build a Peaceful Society where everyone feels good and hate is non-existent. The CIPS was the code I had broken.

The problem is that while I supported 100% the CIPS at its beginning, everyone was now trying to get their cause inside of it.

Once your cause was registered into the CIPS, no one could ever question, debate, make fun of, or exercise any type of exclusionary practice or behavior towards your belief. This helped make society much more peaceful by ending all debates where people fight and hate each other.

While it is clear that some issues had to be included in the CIPS, I wasn’t sure that the FES’s claim was worth it.

I understand that religion is something extremely important to people and that it should be respected, but hasn’t

Copernicus already solved the question hundreds of years ago?

Was he lying? Did he make a mistake?

The truth is that the veracity of the claim mattered very little to the government.

In our Democracy, everyone is entitled to think what they desire, and if a belief is adopted strongly enough by a big enough group of people, then these people should be protected by the law.

As I muted the TV, I was thinking about the FES. What if they were right?

What if round earth was all a lie? The government, by officially planning to receive the FES, had made a considerable gesture.

Should the FES claims be registered in the CIPS, will we tell kids at school that they have the choice to believe if the earth is flat or round?

What if they believe it is squared? Can the earth be all of that at the same time?

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that citizens feel good about how they feel about the world and that their view and right to hold it be protected by the law, unless this view is exclusionary by nature, of course.

That is real Democracy.

That is real freedom.

Questioning, because it hurts, should never be allowed. It brings a whole lot of social problems.

The CIPS is great, it has really improved society.

I have always respected it.

So…what happened today?  

Picture credits: Photo by Todd Diemer on Unsplash