My name is Auré, welcome to born millennials! Here you can find articles about current topics, reviews of books, opinion pieces, life hacks, short stories and generally everything I am interested in such as politics, history, economics, social sciences, nutrition, entrepreneurship, self-development, financial investments and tricks on leading a better, happier, healthier and more intelligent life.

Why this blog ?

This blog was born out of a feeling of frustration not to be able to discuss topics relevant to millennials (and gen Z) in daily life.

What purpose does it serve ?

Spreading and popularizing ideas that do not get much publicity in mainstream media.

What does it have to do with millennials ?

Topics discussed on the blog are particularly relevant to millennials.

What should be expected?

Honesty, transparency and uncommon ideas.


Rather ironically, the world has become increasingly ideological since the end of the Cold war. The international community has not yet found a balance between nations and Western society particularly, is still a seeking its purpose and place in this new world. The absence of vision has led societal groups to find refuge in old ideologies and religions where they’d be handed a pre-made purpose and ideology to follow, offering them some sort of ideological security.

I don’t like that.

I believe that the world and factual information should be seen as they are even though what they are can at times feel uncomfortable or unfair. It is only when we’ve established an empirical ground to situate where we are, that we can thrive and work towards where we’d like to be. Such a freedom of thinking and being is not possible when one acts from an ideological perspective.

This blog is there to speak of uncommon ideas, often against mainstream thought, too ideological to my taste. Through this blog, I don’t seek to influence you, but to show you something the general narrative most of the time doesn’t speak about. I’m also at time quite offensive because as freedom of speech is shrinking around the world, I feel like pushing back the boundaries of what is “allowed” to be said.

Does born millennials make money?

No. As we speak, the links you could click on are not sponsorised, and there are no ads. If you want to donate to the site, you can do so here.

How can I get in touch?

You can send me a message on Twitter or Instagram at @bornmillennials, or write to aure – at – bornmillennials – dot – com.