14 Awesome Movies to Watch During Lockdown

14 Awesome Movies to Watch During Lockdown

March 16, 2020 0 By aure

I know everyone has made it and that I’m doing it wayyy after the party, but since this lockdown seems like it will last until 2069, you’ll have more than enough time to also watch my movie list.

1. Contagion (2011): Great if you’d like to know what awaits you, this movie made by Soderbergh is weirdly similar to what has been happening up to now. He could have told us about the stock market crash though, not nice.

2. World War Z (2013): there is nothing like Brad Pitt fighting zombies in a movie where they mention the World Health Organization. A must-see!

3. Last train to Busan (2016): just to remind you that you shouldn’t count on nor trust guys in their mid 50’s wearing suits.

4.The day after Tomorrow (2004): so you can be prepared for the climate breakdown, coming up in 10 years!!

5. Zeitgeist (2007): because we all know that the virus was created by the CIA so to have more excuses for moving factories out of China.

6. Captain Fantastic (2016): this movie shows you that by living alone in the forest, you can not only learn how to speak 5 foreign languages, but you also won’t catch the virus.

7. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015): to prepare yourself for the 2nd worst-case scenario, the first one being the Human Centipede (2009).

8. Inside job (2010): a documentary about the 2008 crisis because yes, there is also a financial crisis at the moment. No need to check your retirement fund now though, do so in one year.

9. Life of Brian (1979): He’s not the Messiah!!

10. Youth (2015): there isn’t only being scarred and having fun in life, thinking is important too.

11. Planet Earth II (2016): it’s not because you’re lazying around on your couch that you can’t enjoy nature.

12. Rick and Morty: I recommend the 6th episode of the first season.

13. Interstellar: another possible scenario, granted the virus invades plants and animals.

14. Moana: because it is my favorite Disney movie. And for once, there are no princes nor castles, just the world to save. Also, the music is good.

NB: this list does not only apply to a lockdown and can also serve as inspiration for movie nights.

Photo credits: Photo by Sven Scheuermeier on Unsplash